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Tropical views mood board🌴

Despite the bleak tone of my previous post, I have to get on with life and focus on the positives and blessings.

One of which is my up-coming holiday! I've been doing a lot of prep and organising because clearly this is a much needed trip and I need to make the most of it!

I curated this mood board of images I found online (and certainly don't own) and using it for my holiday wardrobe inspo - from colour palettes to prints and textures. I'm definitely looking to experiment and try out looks I wouldn't wear anywhere else.

I'm going for pops of colour, creams and off-whites, silks but also knit and woven fabrics and naturally, lot's of gold accents. I'm creating a mood board for holiday hairstyles and another for accessories, but I'm thinking to do a holiday wardrobe next and maybe a playlist to go with?

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