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2024 Favs (so far...) : a playlist

One word I would use to describe the year so far? ✨Exciting.✨

It encapsulates how I'm feeling currently about my personal life, about my goals, about the year ahead and of course, music! If you've seen any of my recent sm posts, you would have seen this live in 4k lol.

It's been another great year for music so far, I actually can't even keep up with all the releases but it's definitely giving - the quality is there. We've had some of the best bars we've heard in a while thanks to the various beefs and overall more artists are pivoting into other genres and playing around with different sounds and I love it.

Clearly, it's going to be a Cash Cobain type of summer and I love that (this coming from someone who previously detested drill music 🙃) but I'm also enjoying hearing more and more rappers and R&B artists on Afrobeats and other afro genres.

With all that's going on in the world, it's crucial now more than ever to find whatever it is that maintains your sanity and peace. As long as it doesn't aid in harmful behaviour physically, emotionally or verbally towards others, enjoy your life man, we only get one go at this.

Music happens to be one of the many things I'm blessed with that brings me joy so wanted to share what I've been listening to - I've missed sharing these with you as regularly as I used to tbh.


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