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Post summer hues

This was such a weird summer for me.

For one, we had exceptionally hot weather here in the UK... I know what you're thinking, hot weather in summer, groundbreaking right? But if you know, you know and we were not ready!

And two, I spent it all indoors. I probably went to a total of 2 events, maybe - no brunches, no day parties but it's all good, I don't feel like I've missed out on anything, in fact I've been the one cancelling on most social outings. I think with constantly striving for greatness and progression in my personal life, career, mental health, family life etc I haven't had the bandwidth to tire myself out with anything else. I'm always reflecting internally on how I can be a better me to be better for everyone else and what a never-ending, lonely, exhausting, draining, thankless job that is!

What else has been going on?

I've had the luxury of working at home from January until earlier this month - I only have to been in two days a week but it's definitely still an adjustment, especially with trying to stay consistent with my morning and evening routines. Rebranding Mpress Styles, which has constantly taken a back seat (but will be worth the wait!), add to that, co-managing my girl Shay La Rose and uncomfortable learning curves and harsh truths living with my boyfriend and what's been going on with my siblings - it's enough stuff to take out anyone, but I'm still here, still breathing so I'm grateful and intend to keep moving forward with all my plans and goals.

I've been making it a point to implement things that won't completely suck all the life out of me. You know, things that make me feel good, new things!


I love discovering new music on my own terms, I feel like I appreciate the music more and I certainly don't feel the pressure these days to keep my ear to what's new and trending. Having said that, I've had Larry June, JID and ASAP Ant on rotation, especially the last few weeks - something about chill rap beats to get high to that I just love, except I don't smoke or get high. Highly recommend JID's new album 'The Forever Story'

Doing my own nails

I made the decision about 3 months ago to stop getting my nails done at the salon - it had been a long time coming, but I finally took the leap after my last visit when I wasted 3 good hours of my life just waiting for the nail tech. Ridiculous right?

These are some of my favourite looks so far - peep the progress 😎.

Green juices

Trying to transform my skin and body in a short amount of time has me experimenting with all kinds of nutritional remedies. Never really been a smoothie girl, but I love a clean green juice and making my own. No matter what variation of fruit and veggies I use, I ALWAYS make sure to add a spoon of spirulina powder (great health benefits and technically what makes it green in colour), cinnamon powder, coconut sugar, sliced ginger and turmeric powder.

Working out!

I can honestly say this is the most consistent I've been since before the pandemic. Again, having a deadline for what I'm trying to achieve, I've had to be resourceful and thank God I've got the space in my house to do so. I've really been prioritising going for walks, working on my core and being active in general but also making time for yoga and meditation, particularly as early as possible in the mornings before the chaos of life begins.

Sustainability is always sexy, sis

I've been obsessively stalking the Vestiaire Collective app for the last few weeks. It started off with me looking for anything that would catch my eye and now I have a whole list of items I plan on getting. I recently copped a red pair of the Isabel Marant Bekett sneakers for £72 and in great condition! I couldn't afford them when they initially came out back in 2013 and definitely don't feel like paying crazy prices for such an old shoe (they're currently being sold for £450). I do think they're a classic though, 100% my style and such an eclectic and elevated take on sneakers. I've got my eye on the Adidas x Raf Simons Ozweego trainers in black and chrome, there are quite a few people selling them in barely worn/never worn condition surprisingly.

Photo: End Clothing

I have no desire to keep up with all the current style trends, I'm more interested in having classic but diverse pieces and accessories I can dress up or down. I think it's cool that we have more and more options to stay trend setters but do it in a way that helps the planet.

Free therapy 💝

Lastly, I've been ghosting nearly everyone in my life, due to all the shit I've got going on above, but there have been a few who have checked in on me consistently despite me not always being transparent. I think it's such a blessing to have people you feel safe enough to vent to and also be that for others. I don't take it for granted at all and having another perspective is sometimes all you need to get motivated and get things in order. Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to release without judging or penalising me for operating in survival mode.

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