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I don't usually do this but...

I’m here today to talk my shit, blow my own trumpet! Toot toot! 🎺

In the past I’ve always been afraid and even at times, felt ashamed to do so despite knowing deep down that I am capable of greatness and God has blessed me in ways a lot of people dream about. More concerned with other people's perceptions of me and making myself shrink in conversations and situations to appear more relatable... because I haven't always surround myself with genuinely confident and self-assured people.

I promise you, this is no "fake it til you make it" thing either - I’m finally at a place where I truly believe I'm that girl and don't need a co-sign from anyone else.

To be honest, it wasn't an affirmation or sentiment I heard growing up from the people closest to me. In fact, it was and has always been mostly from strangers and people I don't have close attachments to.

Even until this day, I don’t get the support I feel like I deserve from a lot of my friends or family for my talents and things I’m working on publicly, but I’m finally at a place where it doesn’t matter - don’t get me wrong, it's definitely disappointing at times - but it truly doesn’t matter. The gifts God has given me will take me places and open doors, people could never and I embrace and believe that wholeheartedly.

I say all that to say, I made, coloured and installed this wig myself and am still so in love with how it turned out. This was my first attempt at this colour on a wig and initially only created it to go see the Renaissance Tour but I will definitely be wearing it longer! I’m so proud of myself for always setting new challenges and even if I don’t always ace the challenge, the lessons I learn strengthen my will and self belief, instill my faith in God and a thirst to strive for better always.

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