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It's been a long time coming but I've reset, revamped and now I'm relaunching this site/blog!

I'm really grateful for all the encouragement I've had to keep this going, I owe it to myself to keep this going as well - so here I am! Having my own little space online has been exceptionally beneficial to my healing and improving my writing and I feel confident that I'm finally in a place to take things to the next level.

I'm definitely more into curating what I post and not just putting out anything.

Expect to see even more opinion pieces, more insight into my internal dialogues and pieces that will inform and educate you all on issues that effect me and people who look like me. As well as new things that will push me as a writer and content creator!

But most of all, expect consistency and vulnerability. I may not always feel like talking about what I'm going through or experiencing but you will get something from me. I've never been so sure about any project I've worked on until I started this blog and although there's been a whole lot of ups, downs and disappearing acts, it's all brought me to the point where I'm at now and I'm grateful for the journey so far.

As always, comments, feedback and advice is always embraced 💕

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