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Toronto 2023! 🫶🏾 (pics galore)

Have you ever traveled somewhere new or tried something new and wondered why you waited so long to do so? That’s exactly how I feel about Toronto 🥰.

I genuinely fell in love with the place on day 1 and still can’t get over the fact I waited so long to visit. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been on my list forever for places I want to visit but I was so set on going in the summertime, I hadn’t even considered going in Winter. However, the stars aligned for me 🤩 and not only did I get to tick this off my list but also reunite and spend time with my cousins.

One of My amazingly talented cousins is currently performing in the Toronto leg of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as the narrator and was another reason for wanting to visit asap (The show was 11/10, grateful I got to see it twice!)

Although I was super apprehensive about going, solely due to the severe winters they experience there, I had to suck it up and don’t get me wrong, it was as cold as I had imagined for most of my trip but trust me, I didn’t let that stop me from going out and sightseeing (apart from that one night when there was actually a snow storm, however I managed to miss it mainly because I was completely unaware it was happening and coupes up inside since I needed a day to rest and chill). I was also very well prepared outfit-wise. Don’t let ANYONE tell you you can’t be dressed DOWN and warm at the same damn time!

What surprised me the most, were the similarities between Toronto and parts of NYC, London and the UK in general, mainly in the architecture and the layout of the city and the very evident diverse cultural inspiration in everything and everywhere. I also found most people to be very friendly and welcoming from the minute I arrived to the moment I left, which is always so nice when visiting somewhere for the first time.

The food OMG the food! I only had one bad meal during my whole stay and trust me, I ate a lot! With so many cuisines to choose from, I was really and truly spoiled for choice. I remember seeing an Afghan restaurant, a Korean restaurant and Indian all on the same block and sure you get that in all major cities but these were clearly authentic food offerings and you just don’t get that everywhere. I think my favourite meal was at the CN Tower’s rotating 360 restaurant - I’m not about to do a food review right now but just know that if you ever find yourself there, you have to try the duck wings. You get to see 360 views of the city, yes the restaurant actually moves while you're eating - wings & views, what could top that?! 🤌🏾. Also I loved The Morning After for brunch which was conveniently next door to the apartment me and my cousin’s got for the weekend and their playlists were 🔥🔥🔥, I was definitely vibing out whilst eating my pancakes.

I spent quite a lot of time at the Eaton Centre as well which is a nicely built, modern looking mall - a bit confusing at first though, because it’s opposite and linked by bridge to another mall, Hudson’s Bay. The Eaton Centre has all the usual stores you’d imagine plus many unique Canadian ones, a really nice food court on the lower ground floor and an entertainment space where they actually had something going on for the Chinese New Year which looked fun. Oh and there's also an OVO store here.

In terms of sightseeing and entertainment, I didn’t get to do or see too much. I wanted to go to Niagra Falls and Toronto Island but didn’t have enough time to plus it was way too cold to visit anyone’s waterfalls! But definitely another reason to go back once it warms up.

I already mentioned going to the theatre and I also managed to go to Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario both of which I enjoyed.

I got to go to the Toronto Raptors vs New York Knicks game, which was so fun! We had great seats and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the game, with the music, the on court entertainment and antics of the players and the crowd alike. It’s definitely rekindled my appreciation for the sport (If you don’t know, I used to really be into it a lot more, would stay up late to watch games and all sorts).

Didn’t go to any clubs but Harriet’s Rooftop inside the 1 Hotel Toronto was a cute spot! The cocktails and music were on point.

Favourite places:

❤︎ CN Tower 360 Restaurant

❤︎ Dasha

❤︎ Art Gallery of Ontario

❤︎ Kiin

❤︎ Harriet’s Rooftop

❤︎ The Morning After

❤︎ MIA Brunch Bar

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