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To the 6 🇨🇦

Not even gonna hold you, it’s been a terrible start to 2023 and I really hate to be that person but retrograde is really kicking my ass... or at least I’m blaming it on that because nothing is making sense lol - my communication with people has only caused disagreements, arguments and misunderstandings thus far and a mild (thankfully) mess up at work today… so on that note, I’ll be back with a proper update/post after I get back. ✌🏾

In the meantime my first playlist of the year is dedicated to my upcoming trip to Toronto. Between that and this impending Frank Ocean project, (🤞🏾) I’m grateful that I have those to look forward to!

I've curated a playlist of some of my favourite songs/artists, old and new, representing the 6 and Canada in general and that capture the essence of the city in a beautiful way.

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