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Throwback Afro Vibes (playlist)

Seeing all the partying and good times had by everyone over in Africa over the last month, inspired this playlist.

Every song on this playlist is not only a bop, but holds a special memory for me, from learning the latest dances before social media made it a thing, to getting kicked out of a Bisa Kdei concert in NYC lmao ( I have to wait to be with my partner in crime to do a story time on that one!) Truthfully, I love a lot of the African musicians out now and what they're doing on a mainstream level but nothing beats these classics and even just seeing the trajectory of some of these artists careers makes me so happy!

Now off to start comparing flight prices so that this time next year, this playlist will be blasting live and direct from either Accra or Freetown or Lagos or who knows, maybe even Cape Town.


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