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Recap: Christmas & Covid... take 2

First and foremost, I hope you had a lovely and safe Christmas no matter if it was spent with family, friends or alone.

Like many, yet again, I feel like Christmas didn't really hit this year either - I'd already watched Home Alone 2 (My favourite Christmas movie btw) way back in October. We didn't really bother putting up decorations either - not necessarily because I didn't want to, but more so because so much has been going on the last few weeks. But I am extremely grateful to have spent the day with my boyfriend's family, my sister and mum for the first time in our new home. It was actually a really good time and worth all the anxiety, running around and prep beforehand.

Buttttt a week and a half before Christmas, my boyfriend and I both had Covid - his first time, my second 🤦🏾‍♀️. Thankfully, the symptoms were not nearly as bad as when I had it last year. This time around it honestly just felt like getting the common cold - nothing more, nothing less.

I was actually planning to get my booster jab as well and now I'll have to wait about a month but definitely glad we both had very mild symptoms and were still able to be around family safely.

Also, I was able to return to work just before my last day which was soooo sweet. I'm really fortunate that throughout my time in this role, I've always been reminded of how valuable I am to the team and shown gratitude for my work (I even got nominated for a Recognition and Reward award recently!), of course I don't need it but it's always a good thing to hear - especially because Lord knows I've worked exceptionally well and tremendously hard. My biggest take away from this job is that I truly found my voice there and was empowered to speak up whenever something wasn't right, with the support of my colleagues.

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