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Let's talk style!

To know me is to know how passionate I am about my style, appearance etc.

I don't know why I haven't been able to really showcase that side of me on here yet but I'm making a conscious effort to do so moving forward, of course in my own unique way.

It's funny because I actually had a fashion blog back in the day, OOTDs and everything!

Evidently, my take on style since then has matured and become a lot more curated. Don't ask me to describe my style, there isn't really a straight answer. I like what I like and Monday it could be leather snake-print jeans, by Thursday I might have decided I prefer the same jeans in periwinkle! So that does make it quite difficult to shop and for others to shop for me, but if I have to break it down in the most simplest way possible, I would describe my style as tom-boy chic with special attention to bold and unique accessories. I love to mix fitted silhouettes with loose fits whether that's top fitted and bottoms loose or vice versa.

Traditionally I haven't been super into playing with colours, prints/patterms or textures but my wardrobe now says different. I don't really look to anyone specifically when it comes to influence or inspiration but the first that come to mind are Teyana Taylor, Virginia Williams (Pusha T's wife), Kristen Noel Crawley, Hailey Bieber and Shateria Moragne-El.

With that said, this post is more about items I'm looking to add to my wardrobe and giving you a bit of insight into why I want them and how I would style and pair them.

No, I don't think you understand, I'm obsessed! I haven't heard too much about this brand but I do know she's a former stylist, most known for feminine design aesthetics. What I love about these, is that they are so simple, but could do so much. Coordinated with other woven accessories and varying shades of cream, off-white and nude tones for a trendy monochromatic look alternatively, pastel colours for a fashion forward step into spring/summer. I'm thinking a lilac or gold silk/satin skirt paired with a denim bralette (like the gorgeous Prada one).

Upon first glance, this looks like a basic dress. It's giving Instagram baddie, it's giving Instagram boutique. But in reality, this might be the perfect dress! I love the fact that it's eco-conscious, the thumbhole detail, the asymmetrical cut and that it's made with light but not completely see-through material. It comes in black, white, red but I think this colour compliments more skin tones. I would wear it exactly like this but also dressed down with slim and simple white trainers like the New Balance 550s or chunky boots from Rick Owens Drkshdw collection. There's also a top version I'd love to add to my collection too.

I don't know how I still haven't managed to cop this yet - I really only have myself to blame. I've been eyeing this one since last year and they're a little hard to find here in the UK, especially in this print so I need to stop delaying. I'd usually pair this with a different print but for some reason, I love the idea of wearing these with the Amina Muaddi Holli slingback heels with the same print, which are even more harder to find (so hard, I can't even find pictures of online, but I promise they exist!). My dream outfit would be the bag, with the aforementioned heels and a full denim look or an all black leather look for a night out.

Sadly, I missed out on this, despite having it on my wish list for a few months and I fear it might not ever come back! Ahh the outfits we could have served together! 😭 I just know this would be super warm and comfortable as well! I'm still on the lookout for a really good dupe or replica so I can serve the girls for A/W 22, hopefully. I would style this with an all black black look of course, with some square toe boots such as the Hanifa Zoe boot, black scuba leggings with the Commando neoprene zip long bodysuit and a leather or furry bucket hat and all black shades. *Chefs kiss*

Love the whole Drkshdw collection but these are special! So versatile and effortless, I would wear these all year round! Now, I have the transparent sneaker version with laces and they are not the most comfortable, so I would hope that these have a slightly better fit because of the material. For spring/summer, I would wear these with trousers with eye-catching prints, colourful denim and chunky, gold jewellery.

On an average day, I'm wearing plain cotton black leggings and I'm getting kind of bored. I love these because they lift something so basic and transform it just that little bit extra. Not too much but just enough. I think they would actually go well with the Rick Owens boots above. I think I'd go for some colour on top, whether a cropped long sleeve or a bralette with a blazer on top. The only thing I dislike about these are the price. I refuse to pay full price for these. Even if they're made from nylon. No thanks. Definitely looking out for a good dupe or a sale!

This particular material has long sold out and I fear it won't be making a comeback but I have eyed some good dupes on ASOS and the like. I adore this colour and the velvet makes it look much more luxurious than it actually is. I know this isn't a unique silhouette but I'm always drawn to bags with this twisted hands style. Just like the Yaito bags (that should also be on this list, but hey, I can't fit everything on here) I LOVE this design. I'd ensure I'm wearing a lot of gold accents when wearing this bag and additional expensive looking fabrics like leather or silk/satin.

Cargo pants are every wear at the moment, in all kinds of textures and colours and I love it! I love a baggy pair worn with cute scrappy heels for the ultimate tom-boy chic look. I'm sure these ones in particular are on a lot of our wish lists at the moment! I've heard many rave about the fit of these because of the adjustable band at the back, so I can't wait to get my hands on a pair. I'm so pick camo prints, I prefer the authentic looking wash so these are perfect. I really want to try them out with my velvet Jimmy Choo Bing heels and a fitted white crop top or loose fitting graphic tee.

😍😍😍 I think this is the ideal spring outfit for my UK girls. It's light coloured, with an on trend pattern, will keep you warm/cool when necessary andcan be worn during the day and for a night out. Dressed down, my ideal look would be some block coloured kitten heels like my magenta ones from Zara or a green pair, a basic black or white top and a subtle bag like the Bottega Jodie or a block coloured Loewe puzzle bag in the nano size and minimal jewellery. For a night out, definitely a black or burnt orange low cut body suit, strappy heels, a plain bag in a bold metallic colour, I'm thinking a small Prada tote or shoulder bag. Excited at the thought of this coming to life!

So in love with this set! It's everything for me, truly. The colours, the detailing on the buttons, the collar detailing and the fabric. I'm not really a mini skirt type of girl so I've been going back and forth about if I should by both pieces but honestly, how could I not? That skirt is gorgeous, on it's own and matched with the cardigan. I would sexify this look further, I'd go for some knee high boots, alternatively I'd throw on some chunky trainers.

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