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I don't know who needs to hear this but...

You really should take a chance on yourself...TODAY!

Not a lot of people know this, but when I handed in my notice two months ago, I didn't actually have a concrete plan of what I wanted to do next. Of course I had been applying for roles, working on this site and of course my wig hustle but everything was pretty much up in the air. One thing that was (and still is) definite though, was that I had enough faith in myself, and equally, if not, more importantly, faith in God that things would work out when and how God willed it.

It hasn't been smooth sailing getting here but I understand now more than ever had it not been for all the draining and long and miserable and lonely and traumatic and crazyyyy experiences I've had within the last five years in particular, I may not arrived here.

To keep this short, I say all this to say last Friday I was offered a job that changes everything! I'll be working in communications for the NHS and still be fulfilling my wants in a job where I'm able to assist, provide guidance and overall just make life easier for others. Love this for me!

I'm very much an advocate of people taking risks and a leap of faith every so often. Trust me, it's needed! Whether it works in our favour or not, you're going to be able to learn something and take something from your experience that should ultimately leave a positive impact on your growth - be it financial, professional, dating - you name it!

Have you taken a chance on yourself this year? Comment below and let me know how it panned out for you and leave some encouragement for others. If you haven't yet but want to, please share how/what area in your life you would like to change or improve.


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