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Enterludes 💋 (a playlist)

Can't believe It's been months since I last posted a playlist More on the way including new music I've had on repeat recently. This one was inspired by this Tumblr post:

Interludes are so underrated and I feel like in most cases, they're a beautiful way to open up an album, break up the order of songs, tie together an album story/theme and also signify the change in pace or direction of a body of work.

BRB with a life update post because a LOT has happened since my last one. Until then listen here. Also I'm trying something new so make sure your playback settings are set to crossfade songs (how are you living life without this feature turned on anyway ??) to get the full experience, about 5 secs should be good.

Check out some of my other playlists here.

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