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Can't risk being uninspired (my first video)✨

These days, challenging myself is becoming more of a habit (love that for me) and also embracing any opportunity to do something different, try something new on a consistent basis.

Diversifying my content is really important to me and something I've been so fearful of for years, mostly because I can be terribly harsh on myself. I promised myself at the end of last year that this year would be different and I'm seeing the difference for sure. My confidence has improved and letting go of my inhibitions comes a lot easier, chasing perfection isn't my MO anymore, my creativity continues to flourish and (the thing I used to struggle with the most) consistency is showing up in multiple ways in my life. Only I know why and who I write this blog for and that alone keeps me going and keeps me inspired.

Having said all of that, I finally found some time to film, edit and record a voice over of how I do my nails, and what better way to show this by attempting something new! I tried my hand at this new viral 3D Chrome trend and I must say, I don't think I did too bad.

See for yourself below!

I know the audio/quality isn't the greatest but I'm working on it.

And why did it feel like I was running a race trying to keep up recording in time with the video? Lmao

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