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(Almost) Home. 💝

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since we moved into our home! I also can't believe how much work still needs to be done but I'm very grateful we're comfortable and have more than we could ever need.

HOWEVER, we haven't really made time to properly make it ours with our jobs, social lives and all the adjustments and changes moving outside London. We kind of rushed to furnish it so we could live and be comfortable enough for the time being, but not necessarily with things we LOVE. Now that I've had some time to plot and plan, I really want to make that a priority this year. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate anything about the temporary settings, I'm just constantly reminded that it's incomplete - and the perfectionist in me, well, she hates that!

Inspo via Pinterest

I've started using Pinterest again for this project for two main reasons.

  1. I don't really want to hire an interior designer - I'm mostly focusing on furnishing and decor, which I think I can handle and I really want to experiment and and try my hand at DIYs since I never really have.

  2. To stay focused and not go down the rabbit hole of endless style inspiration, themes etc since I'm following a lot more home furnishing pages on social media now 🤦🏾‍♀️

I've never lived somewhere with a separate living and dining space so I'm really really excited about working in those areas and seeing how I can create different ambiances for each room but also bring it altogether so it make sense when you walk from room to room. If you know me well enough, you probably already know I have a weird fascination with bathrooms lol I just feel like there is so much you can do with them even though they're only used for hygiene/grooming purposes. I think a toilet says a lot about a person as well but let me not digress. Luckily for us, the bathroom was recently renovated so there's honestly not too much that needs to be done in there, apart from some organisation and plumbing. I would love to change the tile colours in there at some point though.

I'm also really anxious to get this closet room finished though. My boyfriend has done an amazing job with curating this room, the artwork and theme and putting the IKEA PAX systems together, so I got it from here.

Still on the look out for the perfect vanity/desk chair and ottoman to use as a centre piece. I'm also in two minds about getting blinds or drapes (or both) in here instead of Venetian blinds, there's only the one window but it's quite big and I definitely like the idea of being able to control how much sunlight comes in and out since I've turned this room into my office/yoga room/hangout space!

We also need to get some more personalised pieces in here and pieces by black/woc artists! There's still a lot of wall and room spaces so I'm really looking forward to playing with that to see what works.

There's also a whole backyard which was one of the first things my boyfriend managed to fix up, now all we need to do is furnish it, preferably before summer this year. We already know what we want and where to get it so that'll be one of the easier jobs.

My boyfriend and I are quite the opposites when it comes to styles, likes and preferences so this will interesting and entertaining, but babe, if you're reading this, just trust the process 😉😂 lmao.

I'm looking to find the balance between sophisticated modern aesthetic while staying true to my quirky and unique tendencies.

I'm not sure yet if I'll document this here or anywhere online yet but there will for sure be updates every so often.

Do you plan on undertaking any renovation projects/furnishing/DIY projects this year? And if so, are you using Pinterest or any other sites/apps for Inspo? Let me know!

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