November 16th 2020

Having a few technical difficulties with this site at the moment plus I started my new job today so BRB, but in the meantime please check out my 90s Hip Hop Essentials Playlist, a collection of some of my favourite lost or forgotten tracks.

Also click any of the links below to see the rest of the site, while I try to figure out what in the heck happened to my navigation bar, smh.







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 November 4th 2020

One of my favourite songs right now. What's a duet or hook without this guy?! Love it. 

Lots of new updates over on my musings page. I know it's been a minute, so enjoy! 

Also finally, this 90s hip hop playlist I've been working on since Summer will finally be ready to drop this weekend, finally! Lol 🎉🎉🎉

 August 23rd 2020

Favourite song right now. I haven't even been able to listen to the rest of the album because I'm so infatuated with this song, especially the last portion of the song with the backing vocalists, so beautiful. However, I'm still bothered by the fact Diddy made it his business to take up executive producer role on this new album but maybe it won't bother me as much when I listen to the rest of the album.

June 11th 2020

Just gonna leave this here...

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May 26th 2020

One of the things that deters me from regularly updating this blog/website, is the fact that I can't update it at my convenience. Because of the format of the site, I can't really post, edit or alter anything using the blogger app which would obviously be the ideal way. My notes app on my phone is full of blog entries, reviews, my thoughts on so many things as far back as 2018, so it really is frustrating. Please bear with me while I look for other host websites because yeah, I've had enough. My blog/website is forever a work in progress, from an aesthetic perspective (...and because I'm a such a perfectionist)-I think that goes without saying, but when I get it right, it'll be worth the wait.