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Some of my current favourite black-owned brands, products and companies!

1. Kionii - This UK-owned company specialise in African and Caribbean inspired jewelry and accessories. I just received these so haven't had a chance to wear them out yet, but how pretty are these?

2. Camille Rose - The Body Collection - I've mentioned these products before and I'm still obsessed! I put my sister on and she kindly ordered me more of the lotion.

3. Fenty Beauty - Need I say more? I had to re-up on the foundation and thought I'd try out the hyped about Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110. Nervous to try it out because I'm so used to using the beauty blender to apply my foundation (I haven't used a brush since my MAC NW45 days... and that was almost a decade ago!)

4. Anita Grant - Another UK-based brand, specializing in organic hair, skin and beauty products. My sister put me on and I'm super impressed with everything I've sampled from her including this Monoi oil! It's light but smells heavenly and is a perfect, moisturising addition to any body lotion mixture (if you're anything like me, I love mixing my lotions, creams and oils into one concoction). I especially love her 'Refresh' rhassoul clay mask (which I ran out of today) and because it's made of natural but effective ingredients, you can add other ingredients to it to super charge results. There are sooo many products from her I'm dying to try, especially from her haircare range.

5. Polymer Studios - I'll be honest, I haven't had the best experience with them in terms of communication but their designs are eye-catching with empowering messages and meaningful quotes. Especially from the 'Black History' collection. I ordered a t-shirt from there over a month ago, it's yet to arrive but I know it will be worth the wait. I'm just happy to be supporting an emerging black-owned brand that stands for something I stand for; empowering black people.

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