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Soliloques of Chaos?

I just realized something... I've never really explained the name of my blog, it's really random but there's a lot of purpose behind it.

It's named after a song by Gang Starr (RIP Guru) called 'Soliloquy of Chaos' from their 3rd album 'Daily Operation'. I was going through a phase a couple of years back where I was learning about old school hip hop artists and groups via music samples of my some of my favourite songs and that's how I came across them (and my favourite rap group of all time, The Pharcyde). I stumbled across this song and before I even heard the song, I loved the title of it. Perfect description of the ramblings on my Tumblr blog at the time and subsequent blogs. Although I've re-invented my online presence countless times, this title is always going to fit beautifully with my online diary no matter the platform or format. I have a lot of crazy, weird, random and chaotic thoughts, experiences, ideas etc to share. I feel like every rant or musing or story I share has one or more of those elements and it's like a bunch of soliloquies to the reader, or audience, if you will.

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