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Snoh Aalegra - Whoa

Come on visuals!!!!

Snoh Aalegra has been on my radar for a minute because of her work with Common and association with No I.D.,but I just haven't had a chance to listen to her properly yet. It's always heartwarming to see an artist who has been grinding for so long finally get the recognition they deserve. I like what I've heard so far from her album 'Ugh, those feels again' that came out earlier this year. She really is a breath of fresh air that sits well in-between the other soulful R&B songstresses out currently. Her sound and visuals are a perfect match and literally the outcome if Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Ray had a child! If you like Snoh's music, you might like Alina Baraz - now, they're music and styles sonically and physically are different, but they remind me of each other for some reason, I don't know what it is but check her out too.

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