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Part II

Following on from my last post, I've been reading and researching and listening and what I failed to mention is how dangerous it is when we don't add the female victims to the conversation of police brutality and getting justice for the victims. I think it sends a dangerous message overall, but especially to the younger generation, that women and girls are less likely to be brutally murdered in this same way. Which we now know, with lot's of evidence to boot, is simply not true. Our murders and injustices just continue to go unreported and unmentioned which is detrimental to our livelihood. Our women deserve to be educated on civilian rights and be protected as much as anyone else. It's important that we report accurately on what's really going on to see any significant changes and justice for the mothers, wives, daughters, sisters etc who have and will tragically fall victim to the failures of "justice" systems all over the world. I've seen much more inclusion and sharing of these women's stories online and offline since my last post, resulting in more investigations and the passing of new laws and policies, which is obviously amazing news, but more can and needs to be done. Settling for crumbs is not an option, we want justice for all black people, including black women and girls.

#SayHerName Webinar and more resources

'Emerald Black says Police Brutality led to miscarriage'

Why Are Black Women and Girls Still an Afterthought in our Outrage over Police Violence?

'Canada Police under scrutiny after two women die after encounters with officers'

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