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Odunsi (The Engine) - .rare

Can we talk about this cover art for one second?

I don't know why I love it so much. Maybe it's the high fashion tea I'm getting from it, looking like an editorial from Nigerian Vogue or something! Come through Nigerian Vogue!

So I'm a bit late with this one (it came out end of 2018) and it really feels like the sound I didn't know I needed in my life. It's so many things in one and I'm always going to appreciate when someone can do that and still make it all make sense. rare. has every kind of sound, instrumentation, influence and crossing of genes that is euphonius to me. It's this type of blending of sounds that makes me want to take producing seriously... and finally go to Lagos!

My favourite tracks: wanted you, angel, take a break, express, star signs, green light, dance floor, Alte Cruise - once again, really here for every song on this. Suprsingly I wasn't crazy about divine featuring Davido, I think I'm kind of Davido'd out!

I liked all the other features and the strong UK influence throughout, which is very prominent now because of the large Nigerian presence in the UK. As well as the fact Afrobeats/fusion taking off over there before any other country outside of the African continent.

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