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Little Brother - May The Lord Watch

I think this is my favourite album of the year! First of all because it was a total surprise, to me anyway and secondly it's true to the LB sound that I have loved since The Minstrel Show and even Getback. I just knewwww 9th Wonder (His work on Rapsody's album makes up for his absence from this though!) was responsible for some of the production on this some... until I checked the album credits. It's kind of a shame he didn't make any production appearances but clearly it doesn't even matter this album is so refreshing and necessary!

The skits/interludes make it that much better. So unapologetically Black - we stan!

My Favourite Tracks: The Feel, Everything, Black Magic (Make It Better), Good Morning Sunshine, What I Came For, Picture This, Work Through Me.

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