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(June 2nd)

May was a great month for personal growth and meeting new people. I met so many new people last month and I often forget the positive effects that has on me - gaining new insights, hearing different perspectives and being around new energy always lifts my spirits. Certain experiences last month also led me to take the leap into finding a therapist and embarking on that part of my healing journey.

I've had two assessment sessions so far and both went really well and the best part for me honestly, was as a result of some of the probing questions I was asked, I've already had a slight shift in my mindset and an opportunity to reflect on how I've handled and dealt with situations. Love that for me! Ever the reflector, I love being able to learn from where I might have gone wrong and equally as important, realising I did the best I could given the circumstances. Having one of the therapists commend me for finding my way out of my last relationship was a great feeling. I'll definitely be opening up more about my therapy journey on here, I think I owe it to myself, no matter how difficult it will get.

May was also great because I got back into the groove of my morning routine - which involves quite a lot but I always feel amazing after taking that time out for myself to pray, journal, read, do yoga and meditation - it literally helps me wake up and gather my bearings as opposed to waking up and getting straight into work. Of course, with that means going to bed earlier, which has been the real challenge for me but I have been taking it super slow being realistic with my time frames and planning ahead. Also attempting to go to bed 30 mins earlier each week until I land at a decent time.

With my routine pretty much back on track, tons of inspiration and a refreshed mindset, May was all about me. Unapologetically indulging in everything that encourages a positive reaction and response... also known as being selfish... but it really isn't selfish because I'm mindful that my happiness should not be to the detriment of anyone else's. I mean, that's forever my life disclaimer so I shouldn't really have to say that but just in case you were wondering.

June has been lovely so far and I'm seeing Beyonce tomorrow which I know will be one of the highlights of the month!

Here are some visuals of some of my favourite things, moments and memories from last month:

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