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Freeway feat. Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel - What We Do

Very few people know this but this is one of my favourite songs ever. First of all, something about Just Blaze's production and sample use on this sits so well with the cold/winter aesthetic of the video. I think just having three of the coldest rappers of that time period on one track helps also. From the first time I heard this song way back when, it made me want to throw on some timbs a big, chunky puffer jacket before rubbing my hands together (Birdman style of course) and head out in the snow to God knows where lmao, but it's just the vibe the song gives. I've already stated somewhere on this site that I am obsessed with visuals that match the accompanying song and it's no different here. The video was clearly a homage to not only their story coming up, but of course the main premise of the TV show, The Wire - which again, very few people know is one of my favourite TV shows. The fact that they got a lot of the main cast to star in the music video just makes it all the more better.

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