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Drake - Care Package

Here’s the thing, I’ve been really disappointed with the recent album releases so when I heard Drake was putting a bunch of unreleased songs on one project, I was instantly excited and intrigued. Drake circa 2010-11 was my favourite Drizzy era. The icing on the cake was Take Care being released towards the end of 2011.

This could arguably be an album all on it’s own although it’s filled with different reincarnations of Drizzy, the all around cohesiveness is clearly lacking - I mean, I’m sorry but you can’t have ‘I Get Lonely’ and ‘Jodeci Freestyle’ on one project and expect people to believe you! Lol.

Not going to sit here and act like I’ve heard all these songs, because I definitely just discovered ‘Heat Of The Moment’ and ‘Days In The East’ and I’m wondering how I missed these. Then of course I already knew Club Paradise and Free Spirit would be on there. Although both classics in their own right, you can see why they were left off Take Care or any subsequent releases.

A song that I randomly ended up loving however is ‘4PM in Calabasas’ I don’t know if it’s the Diddy/Bad Boy references or digs but you got to love the bravado and the shade of it all. Like, do people even know this song exists?! The beat and the delivery -everything about it is fire.

My favourite tracks: Dreams Money Can Buy, The Motion, How Bout Now, Days in The East, 4PM in Calabasas, Jodeci Freestyle, Club Paradise, Free Spirit, Heat of The Moment, Paris Morton Music, Can I.

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