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I've definitely been very open on here about most of the things I've been through this year and I'm not really in the mood to relive it. What I will say though, is that I've never felt so grateful for life, my health and my family. The two biggest moments this year for me were finally ending a toxic, long-distance relationship and moving back to London after nearly 4 years and I got through both of those things relatively stress-free. Which is a huge blessing! I'm extremely grateful for that because the lead up to both of those events were not anything but stress-free. Even just remembering exactly where I was and what I was doing this exact day last year still hurts but we thank God for growth!

I do feel as though I will be experiencing a lot of moments in 2020 alone, for the most part, but I've already made peace with that. In fact, I believe it's necessary for me at this point and I embrace it. As long as I'm mentally, physically and spiritually progressing, I'm making money and my family are good and taken care of, 2020 me up! I'm ready.


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