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I don't even know how or where to start this post off...

March, what the hell?! I-

It honestly feels like 2 months have passed because of all the craziness that has happened in the last 2-3 weeks...

  • I went to this really cool networking event, organized by my girl, Liz and met so many cool people I definitely want to work with as soon as this nightmare is over!!!

  • I finally met up with one of my good friends I hadn't seen or spoke to the majority of my time in America. It turned out to be such a good time catching up with her although we both procrastinated the actual meeting and anticipated it being really awkward. I'm so so so happy we're both down to work on this friendship and find value in it and in each other despite all that has happened. More on that in another post.

  • Finally finished and caught up with You Season 2 and Love Is Blind on Netflix and I thoroughly enjoyed both. I could see myself doing something like a Love Is Blind the more I think about it, being the hopeless romantic that I am but my only gripe is that I don't believe in divorce and I'd hate to say "no" to someone at the alter or vice versa... ughh even just the thought. As for season 2 of You, I really thought I wasn't going to like it as much as the first season, one because of the location change, you know I'm (still) obsessed with NYC and I truly believe it was such a fitting backdrop for the story. Also I loved the writing and character development for all the main characters. But season 2 was a pleasant surprised, LA worked and the LA characters worked and I will never look at storage units the same!

  • My lil sis (cousin) came to visit from New Jersey smack bang in the middle of this madness but luckily she got to see quite a bit of London before we were forced to stay in after a situation involving the Nigerian delicacy, Suya turned out to be the final nail in the coffin for us. RIP Suya, the evil you have done to my belleh is enough. 😫

  • Back to work yesterday after taking all of last week off and I have to say, it's kinda surreal. Just the magnitude in which things have escalated... most of my team were self-isolating last week and even this week, I'm sure less and less people will be coming into the office as they make plans for people to start working from home. Better late than never I guess. I haven't been able to yet but which I'm concerned about because I'd hate to put anyone at home at risk, but saying that, I'm also glad I can be of some help during this crazy time. I was on the phone with the daughter of one of our patients and she kept thanking me as if I was the one who was caring for her mother. I play such a tiny part in this department and organization but it's a Godsend working with people who are so positive and enthusiastic about their work and putting others first.

Please stay safe guys!

Even if you're feeling invincible, just know that there are many people who are not. This is real. Value each other.


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