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I know I always say this but seriously, I didn't mean to disappear for this long... it's just been one thing after another after another after another... and guess who was the cause? Looking at you right now COVID-19.


First of all, my work hours increased because there's so much more demand from us as we work very closely with hospitals and vulnerable patients. I don't have the most exciting job that's why I don't talk about it a lot but it's crazy because I prayed and prayed and prayed for a job with a purpose where I could really make a difference, learn a lot of new skills and finally be paid a salary I deserve. I just didn't anticipate it coming in this form... and definitely didn't anticipate it coming right before a global pandemic, that's for sure!

But yeah, working from home on and off has been exhausting in addition to constantly thinking about all that's going on in the world-well the world pretty much coming to a stand still and how quickly things have deteriorated. But you know me, never the negative Nancy, I'm grateful to God that none of my people or my people's people have been affected, passed away or endured severe hardship during this time.

But honey, let me not lie... somewhere between working from home and going in to the office, your girl caught the Rona. I'm still so surprised because I really was doing the most to make sure I didn't catch it. My colleagues would make fun of me for making multiple trips to the bathroom to wash my hands and then proceed to use three different hand sanitizers (I'm serious). Evidently, you can use all the hand sanitizers you want but if you're not getting drunk on vitamin C everyday or that severely underrated garlic, lemon, ginger concoction (throw in some turmeric powder, apple cider vinegar and honey too, thank me later) then you might as well open your arms wide and be prepared to catch it.

Thankfully, I only experienced mild symptoms; slight fever that disappeared after day two, a slight cough that only lasted a day or two as well and a banging headache on day one. But the worst of my symptoms honestly was losing my taste and smell senses. I was really going through it! I could smell things that had very strong odors or were right by my nose but the taste part- not a thing. I can't explain it well but you know when you pinch your nose when you're downing something you don't like the taste/smell of? It's similar to that but without the options to taste or smell. It was weirdly depressing. You don't ever want to experience that especially if eating is an event for you! All the other symptoms disappeared in about three or four days maximum except this one which lasted about six to seven and at one point I was scared I'd never get it back. I'm aware of anosmia and hyposmia but of course until now I had no experience of what life is like for them. I think it goes without saying that I will never take advantage of those senses again!

I hope anyone reading this hasn't been affected too negatively from this global crisis. I really would encourage you to make the most of this time in doing whatever elevates you and makes you feel good. Hang on to the fact that this won't last and we're going to make it to the other side knowing so much more than we did before. We'll make wiser decisions, love on our family, friends and people in general a little bit harder and live life unapologetically, embracing the freedom that is ours.


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