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I was yesterday-years-old when I finally realized (for real this time) that I have a serious overthinking problem. I met up with an old close close friend who I hadn't spoken to in what, three years or so and I had made up this crazy story- not even made up, but convinced myself that she and my former group of friends were tired of me and well, I was out of sight so out of mind. Even though there was no prior fall out or disagreement, we all kind of just drifted apart when I had moved to America. Anyway, long story short, we met up and I anticipated it maybe being a bit awkward or tense, it couldn't have been a more beautiful reunion. I love that girl and missed her even more! We tried to compress the last three or so years into a two and half hour meeting, which wasn't actually that hard lol but obviously we had a lot of stories to save for another day. The meeting taught me a valuable lesson on how I treat people. I have to stop assuming the worst particularly for those who continue to show up for me and love me. I'm hoping it will be this easy and not stress inducing when/if I eventually meet up with the other girls. Sooo much has gone down since I last spoke to them all on both sides, but the great thing is that things were left on positive terms. It was just a case of no one making more of an effort to reach out to the other. I'll be sure to make updates on here as I repair and restructure relationships with friends and family, because there is a LOT of work to be done evidently.

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