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Thankful and blessed to see another year. My birthday (Oct 27th) was perfect! Just another reminder of how fortunate I am to be able to say I am loved and celebrated.

I truly have the best family and friends. Oh man, it’s so overwhelming! Thank you to every single person who made my birthday week so special. And my boo, who does the most as usual, I’m forever grateful. He outdid himself in every way this year, I can’t believe the favour over me sometimes. All I’ll say is, if you’re not with someone who is willing and generous enough to invest in you or sees your vision and believes that you will execute it and is prepared to back that up with not just his words -then you’re wasting your time, period.

With that being said, I’ve started up my wig business again! I promise, I’ll have a new name, logo and ig page by the time I next post on here lol. You already know it can be procrastination nation over here sometimes but it will get done. I’ve already had a few customers and spent a whole lot of money on improving my skills and making sure my product and delivery is the best it can be.

A few more updates;

  • One of my biggest achievements this year is improving my credit score. I’ve just made the final payment on an account that had gone into default. I’m so so so relieved and excited to finally be in control of my finances and start making long term investments.

  • Starting my new job next week! I’ve been so anxious to start as the start date has been delayed by about 3 months because of, you know what. But thankfully and finally, we move. So ready for this new opportunity and challenge. Most of all I’ll really be able to start putting more money aside towards my future.

  • I’m surprised to say that I’ve actually made a new friend this year. The surprise mainly comes from the fact that I met her at work lol and it’s been a while since I’ve gelled with someone genuinely at my place of employment. She’s a breath of fresh air, always a good time, always positive, great sense of humour and extremely generous. She’s half Sierra Leonean too which is the cherry on top!

  • We’re about to go into a second lockdown here in England and it’s definitely bittersweet for me. I really feel for those who will be without work again or furloughed. This is so tough. Cannot believe we’re here again but you know me, always looking for the silver lining. I’m praying that this won’t be in vain and it will prove to have been a necessary step… Lord, help us!!!

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