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Ladies, there is nothing in this life comparable to a man who loves you. I’m talking about a rare love that is void of lust or infatuation but just as intense. A man who caresses your soul with his words and touch simultaneously puts you first and includes you in all his endeavours. Trying so hard not to make this sound like poetry lmao but this man makes me want to take my writing there!

It feels oh so good to finally be with someone who protects me, respects me, spoils me, inspires me, encourages me, wants me around all the time, secure, mature, supports me… should I continue? Because I definitely can 😍

I’ve been feeling this way consistently for a few months now but just didn’t know how to articulate it as well as being so protective of this person because of how important and special he is to me. Our story is an interesting one I want to open up about but all in good time.

With him, I know everything will work out divinely. I’ve already been winning at life in so many ways and he’s been there for most of the ride. Blessings after blessings this year only by God’s grace and transforming into the woman I was destined to be, with a man who compliments me handsomely.

When your soul is pure, negativity doesn’t hang around too long. You also don’t have time to dwell on the past and time spent in the wilderness. You’re too busy basking in the glory of being one of God’s favourites for as long as you can (they hate to see it tho) - And that’s really where I’m at now in life. Literally have no time to entertain anything or anyone anti-growth.

Certainly not a vile, pathetic ex who signs off their email with a colour, instead of their name… ??? …this is why you have to choose God everyday folks, this could be you! Bitter and deluded.

Let me stop lol 🙃

I got a lot to share and talk about, I promise I’ll BRB.

Stay blessed 💞

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