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Sept 28th 2018,


Had a really real talk with one of my best friends today. About life and these situations we find ourselves in when we "resist" what we know we're supposed to be doing - career wise, relationship-wise, life-wise. It's very rare to come across people who are motivated to complete what they set out to do wholeheartedly and execute it down to the very last detail. Well, rare for us at least.

We both agreed that I can only thrive so long in an uncreative, draining, low energy environment for so long and maybe this shift and uncomfortability I've been feeling for the last few months is highlighting that.

I really feel like I am shifting and changing but I'm still getting to know this "new" me and I'm still not used to her ways and how she operates, it's not all negative though. It's just growing pains, I guess.

Things are going to change again for me in the next months and I pray to God in advance that I am assertive and decisive in the decisions I make. I'm getting to quite a desperate place with my life and current living, career and financial situations and I need to be very thorough in what I do next.

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