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This was such a good week for new music!

So many of my favourite artists have finally dropped new projects, singles and albums and the timing couldn't be better.

So you know I had to put together a playlist of all the tracks I've been feeling recently!


The next few months we'll definitely be inundated with new music consecutively. The ones I'm most excited for are;

obviously Kendrick Lamar, especially after hearing this news


Victoria Monet


Rihanna? Although I'm definitely not as pressed as others

J. Cole

and I'm really intrigued with what Ghetto Sage (Noname, Smino and Saba) will put out

It's no surprise we'll get some surprise albums (had to do that) in the mix too but what I really want to see is how these albums are going to be marketed and promo while we're going through this worldwide lockdown. Interesting times.

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