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Final thoughts...

I couldn’t finish this year without a post only final thoughts and feelings on 2020. I feel like I haven’t been brave enough to say this with my chest, out of respect to those around me who haven’t experienced this year in the same way - but this truly was my best year yet in every aspect from start to finish. I’ve never so worked so hard for an entire 12 months ever. Never been so focused, never been so motivated, never pushed and challenged myself as much as I did in 2020. It could be out of necessity or it could be divine timing, regardless I’m extremely proud of myself. I can wholeheartedly say I’ve had more up days than down and I’ve been all about my paper and progressing… paper and progression. Again, having the right people around me has played a huge part in this, career-wise and in my personal life. Still in complete awe of all the blessings and grace I received this year. And to be honest, well I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I’m still finding it hard to wrap my head around how this virus still has a hold on the world at the same time and to this magnitude. And now working in a hospital (whole other post which is coming up next), I’m really seeing how much of a nightmare Covid-19 really is. Not to take this post of gratitude there, but honestly, since I started, not one day has passed without a Coronavirus related death. I mean, that sobered me up real quick like nothing else. An evident theme throughout my blog is gratitude and boy, was that amplified this year. I have a lot of family and friend relationships to mend but I am so grateful that their lives have been spared, during a year like this. Along with mending relationships next year, my spiritual growth has somewhat suffered. I didn’t find a Church home and I think overall I didn’t give enough time to things that would improve my spiritual health. I did get into reading daily devotionals, reading a bible verse (almost) every single day and making those things my first priority as I wake up. However, definitely could have given more time to these things. My only resolution/plan/goal for 2021, as always, is to do everything bigger and better. More of everything I did right this year. Oh and hopefully more with this blog. It’s been such a great outlet for me, whether no one reads it or not, I’m just so happy to have my own little place on the internet that belongs to me. 2021, let’s go!

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