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10 Things I've Been Loving Recently ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜:

1. Basic tops! I'm redoing my wardrobe so those are a staple right now. Different lengths, cuts, textures, colors, materials and fits but are interchangeable with my ever-changing style!

2. De-cluttering, organizing and arranging my belongings (and life)

3. Split hem trousers - hello?! they're a look with everything!

4. Soups! Ughhhh my favourite one right now is the Indian Mulligatawny one by Ainsley Harriott. Thank me later.

5. My leather jacket from Stradavarius! Again it goes with everything! Love the soft feel of the leather and the detailing on the buttons and belt buckle.

6. Oversized joggers and hoodies - I live in these when I'm not at work! The menswear section in Primark Nasty Gal has the best ones so far.

7. Camille Rose's Body Collection: Cupuacu Sweet Cream & Cane and Sugar Balm: Want to smell like cupcakes and feel as smooth as a baby's butt?! Please buy this now. The most heavenly duo! The way the balm melts into your skin while you're bathing.... let me stop, go try it for yourself.

8. SAVING!!! And this is the perfect time and reason to. Investing soon come also!

9. Savage x Fenty T-shirt bras! They are the truth, the way and the light! They help the girls sit up ever so right and give them the boost they deserve (and need!) I'm so impressed by the way they look and feel and I love the colors they come in as well.

10. Everything Che Ecru is putting out. He is hands down my favourite artist of the year so far! You already know, I stan a consistent musician who does it all!

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