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To all the ladies out there, in their late twenties feeling lost, hopeless or confused... complete emotional wrecks, I'm with you sis.

Don't let anyone tell you how or when you're supposed to have it all together... or that you're useless and a failure for not.

Cry as much as you want and need to and when you're done, cry some more. Get it out of your system completely. Take a momentary break from what's going on at the minute and BREATHE deeply.

You WILL get it together, you're already doing an amazing job, take a minute to acknowledge that also.

Entertaining negative, harmful thoughts will just take you down a rabbit hole of despair and more negativity. And we're not giving into that sis, we're just not! There are things to be CREATED, EXPLORED, DISCOVERED, SEEN, TAUGHT, WRITTEN, EATEN, WORN, LEARNED and so much more!!

Don't let anyone else try to define who you are and what you can do. Do what you're good at and continue doing so. It's only a matter of time before things come together for you because this world doesn't operate by other people's actions and standards. There are far more higher beings who are in control of what goes on, whether you believe in God, Buddha or the Universe. Your being, vibrations, energy are all synced to something far greater than this earth.

Get in alignment, sis.

And when you feel out of whack, come back for more words of encouragement.

- Love you, girl

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