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I've always took a liking to incomplete songs or at least songs that sound incomplete. I don't know what it is. Maybe I can hear the potential in them or something. There was an Usher song called 'Flash in the pan' I came across years ago that's a good example of what I mean by an "incomplete" song. Also there was an early version of Watch The Throne's 'That's My Bitch' that came out way before the album that I always preferred over the one that ultimately ended up on the album. God knows where to find that now.

Anyway, I wrote all that just to share with you this new Lil Yachty and Bryson Tiller that I'm currently loving.

There are no details as to if this is going on either of their next projects or when the song was even recorded since it's not on any other streaming platform other than Soundcloud currently.

I love the simplicity of the production and the fact that I was waiting for the drop and there was none, that's so refreshing to me. Although, I'm sure if the song is to have a proper release it will be altered slightly maybe with more pronounced instrumentation, maybe even have an additional verse from Yachty or Bryson to have a more "complete" sound, so to speak. But I really do like it just the way it is and have been playing it none stop for the last few days.

As I was posting this, I came across a version someone has created adding drums which sounds good too:

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