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Hurting in a way I've never experienced before.

Emotional abuse is emotional abuse. You can't sugar coat that.

There are no nice ways of "putting it" it’s manipulation, it’s control,

It’s erratic, it’s lie after lie and it’s making you feel sorry for them.

When they are not worthy of that level of sympathy you give everyone but yourself.

It’s no sympathy for you, when you’re going through it, all blame.

It’s breaking you down to your core, it’s causing you physical and mental health problems

Because you love hard and they are human leeches.

It’s causing you to black out and experience having a panic attack for the first time, in the middle of an argument.

It’s the never ending, obsessive compulsive hold on the past so conflict resolution never happens, just more arguments, no progression.

It’s one rule for you and another for them (a more lenient, non aggressive one) with unrealistic

expectations and absolutely no room for mistakes at all.

It’s their way or the highway

It’s being left empty and drained after every heated conversation.

It’s them removing all your layers over time until you’re scared (& rightfully so)

And vulnerable to the point you are officially emotionally unstable.

It’s extracting as much private information from you as possible, just so they can use it against you when the chips are down... or any opportunity, really.

It’s mental bullying you when you are going through trauma and constantly belittling you

It’s putting you down because you are secure in your physical appearance and who you are

and they are not. So they accuse you of unthinkable things with baseless, so-called evidence.

It’s all emotional abuse and it’s all abuse.

It’s been my life for the last 9 months.

It’s no longer a part of my present.

I am done (it’s a wrap).

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