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“It’s not enough to love myself only when I'm doing well, it needs to be daily, irrespective of flaws, unapologetically, no matter what” - Me

It’s kind of crazy how some of us are really out here thinking we’re living our positive lives and we’re confident and have little to no insecurities.... when it’s so obvious that we are negative (and maybe even crave negativity), we do lack confidence and are definitely insecure, just by the situations we put ourselves in or the people we surround ourselves with. Sis, if you’re so about self-love and self care and positive vibes only, why are you still reaching out to toxic people who have only been there to steal, kill and destroy your dreams? (yeah, I just paraphrased John 10:10 but it’s true!)

How we feel about ourselves is always exhibited in our actions - point, blank, periodt.

We make better decisions, we let go of anything counterproductive to our mobility, we love others more, we make no time nor space for bs or anything of the like when we love ourselves unapologetically.

I don’t know about you all but that’s really my goal for the rest of the year, I want to love myself so much that I only manifest and also purposely put myself in situations to uplift my character and progress.

Tired of the self sabotage and practicing low self esteem.

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