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I remember when my ex bf told me he loved me unconditionally 🙄

I tried to explain to him that it was impossible and that it was one thing to throw around the word love but quite another to claim to love someone unconditionally. He clearly didn’t understand the magnitude of the word and his later actions would go on to prove the depth of his misunderstanding. There are way too many conditions when you’re in a boyfriend/girlfriend romantic relationship as most of us would know i.e. cheating, stealing, dishonesty etc. to make this such an invalid sentiment.

I think even in marriage its a bold statement to make. However, you would hope and pray the person you make that commitment with loves you at least close enough to unconditionally to want to work through any conditions that could potentially damage the marriage vows. Personally, I think unconditional love should be left to God (Agape) and the love we should exhibit towards our children and even siblings.

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