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Definitely didn't intend to disappear for this long but September has been... a lot.

I've been highly stressed out and not eating as well as I should be, coinciding with my period resulted in a horrible break out on my face (which I always seem to get just in time for my birthday, lovely). But I'm recovering in a healthier way now (and have successfully completed my hot girl summer so it's back to grandma mode for me), as I get ready for this big transition, which I'll go into more detail on when the time is right. I've had a lot of support lately from loved ones, especially my people back in London, forever grateful. I'm honestly excited for this new chapter and I've been receiving so many signs from God and the universe that I'm on the right track. Also getting into manifesting things I want and vibrating higher, as always. It's a different kind of peace you experience when you stop worrying and fully immerse yourself in being faithful that there is good around you and good coming to you. It's beautiful and I'm ready and open to receiving what I know I deserve.

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