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22nd November 2019

Since being back in London, I've been inundated with talented UK musicians. I actually feel bad I don't show a lot of love to UK artists on here, considering I used to manage one and I'm from here, duhh!

It's just crazy because of a lot of these artists were relatively unknown or not nearly as big as they are now before I left for the US back in 2015. It actually warms my heart to see how mainstream UK rap has become now. Male and female! I know it sounds ridiculous but there really was a time not too long ago where we were still coming second to US rappers, especially with our appearances on national charts as well as digital/streaming charts. I mean, it's pretty obvious why, but you guys are not ready for that conversation. And don't even get me started on UK R&B, which is next to non existent in 2019... 🙃😒

I also like that it's not just one sole UK rapper dominating the charts right now either. That's just a testament to the abundant amount of talent the UK has to offer, my US readers that are not in the know, I'm looking at you right now.

So without further ado, this is just a small selection of songs I'm loving right now. Playlist to follow soon!

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