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Summer '21

Sometimes I really do think I’m too private for my own good. Is that weird to say?

In a time where EVERYTHING is used to flex or to gain some type of leverage on social media as I really do value my privacy, happiness, solice and sanity more than any of those things any day.

Having said that, I have a lot to share about the last 7 months! Lol.

Life has really been life-ing right and it honestly just keeps getting better. Now, I thought last year was my best year yet but I obviously wasn’t ready for what 2021 would have in store for me. I’m in a much better head space than I was this time last year, for one. I obviously set goals for myself for this year and had things I wanted to achieve for the next few years of course, but I could have never imagined things happening this fast!

I sort of wish I had actually documented all these things as they were happening - but I’ve definitely been appreciating living in the moment so much more recently.

One of the main highlights so far, which actually deserves it's own post, is the fact that I’m going halves on a mortgage and living with the loml!

Never could have predicted this happening as quickly as it did even though we’d talked about it countless times. That’s how I know it’s right - the way everything fell into place… I won’t say seamlessly but damn near close to!

I love that each day we’re strengthening our relationship and friendship and seeing a more intimate side of each other we would not have been exposed to otherwise.

For as long as I've known him and everything we've experienced, we've never been this in-sync and intimate and comfortable with each other. It's weird and perfect all at the same time. I truly love this man.

Work is going well as well, although I’ve definitely been feeling that itch for a new challenge and opportunity. The end of last year and first 3 months of this year were extremely intense. I was definitely over worked and I now realise it was another coping mechanism - I plan on delving more into why this is a common go-to behaviour for me when I start doing counselling later this year. Listen, working in the ICU is no joke - and I’m not even a clinical member of staff! I saw some things and experienced some things that I think if a lot more people got to see, would change their views on the severity of this virus. I can’t believe there are STILL people out there debating about this thing.

I don’t know if I can cope mentally and physically with going through all that again so my goal is to try to find a new role before the end of the year and I see no reason why this can’t happen for me.

That’s all I really want to share at the moment but I’ve got a rather large photo dump below that sums up pretty much what I’ve been up to so far this year.

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