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15th November 2019

Ok, so what have I been listening to?

Old and new alike, honestly.

I was going to make a playlist but it's almost pointless honestly because it would be so incoherent and by no means an accurate representation of my current likes necessarily.

For the most part, I've been listening to whatever is on my Gym playlist, which I posted previously. It's basically made up of my favourite fast tempo, upbeat, 808 heavy songs, so it kind of makes sense.

But nostalgia has caused me to revisit a few albums such as Thundercat's 'Drunk', Kelela's 'Take Me Apart', Common's 'Finding Forever' and Amerie's 'All I Have'.

All classics!

Some new artists I've been listening to are: Che Ecru, his 'Ghosts Need Love 2' EP is one I didn't realize I needed. Being someone who loves traditional R&B more than any other genre or sound, something about his sound gives me that. Even with the alteration of his voice with, well, I'm actually not 100% sure what he uses to alter his voice but it works for him. I'm also a sucker for any artist that produces their own beats as well.

Jaz Karis

I still need to listen to the rest of her recent EP, 'Summer Stories' but from what I heard, she's definitely my cup of tea and has a gorgeous voice to boot.

Zyah Belle

Another stunning voice, I feel like I've heard her music before, maybe on one of those black Youtube series like Tough Love or one of the shows on Black & Sexy TV. Either way, her album 'IX' is such a beautiful piece of work. Definitely 'Summer in NYC' kinda feels.

Also, everyone is begging Rihanna to drop a new album, meanwhile I'm going to need a couple people to stop playing games and drop some new music, namely Sampha. My Sierra Leonean bro, my family, we're definitely due another album. Bless us please asap, Sir.

I'm glad some of my other favourites have put out new music recently though, such as:

Tay Iwar

Little Dragon

Arin Ray

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