For Ur (90s) Love 🍭

Another 90s R&B playlist but w/ lots of lesser known or nearly forgotten female singers and groups.

Been binge watching so many 90s TV shows and movies recently, so that was pretty much what inspired this. I don't know what was going on at the time but the love songs felt so much more realistic and natural and so so relatable, you actually felt moved by the song and the raw emotion. All the pleading and "I'm on bended knee" when did we lose that type of music?
Let me not even get started on that.

Enjoy !


Got apple music? Check out my playlist: 'It be ya own heart' - Added lot's of new songs to get you in your feelings.
You're welcome. 😊

Picture credit goes to: Marley Estello


I wouldn't really consider myself a producer or anything, I just have a fascination for putting instruments, sounds and sequences together. This is just a collection of songs I created from playing around on Garage Band and Remix Live. Inspired by everything I love.

(Please note, Track 7 starts at the 0:43 mark)

Enjoy!!! 😄